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Gain Access To Business Builder Beez’s Personal Growth Strategies AND His
Powerful Network Of Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneurs:
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Gain Access To Business Builder Beez’s Personal Growth Strategies AND HisPowerful Network Of Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneurs:

Over 627,000 New Businesses Open Each Year… Yet Only 25% Of Them Will Make It To The 15-Year Mark

Why do you think that is?

Lack of strategy?

Lack of systems?

Lack of processes?

​ALL of the above?

Truth be told if YOU are a solopreneur who is doing ALL of the leg work inside of your business…You’re already well on your way to the business graveyard. But, it’s not set in stone - yet. So, answer me honestly...
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Are You Guilty Of ANY Of These?

  • Working at ALL hours of the day
  • Fearful of delegation and systemization
  • Unsure how to find, build or manage a team
  • Struggling to fund your business in order to facilitate growth
  • ​Doing everything in your business and suffering from burn-out
  • ​Trying random business strategies found online in the hopes that something will just “stick”
...Perhaps you even resonated with more than one. And that’s totally OK (and fixable!)! It just goes to show that you’re in the right place.

Most Entrepreneurs Are Making These Three Mistakes:

They lack:






Why? Because they don’t know HOW to set up automated systems. They don’t know WHAT processes they need to implement in order to gain back their time, freedom, and energy. And last but not least…

They don’t know WHO to hire to get the most out of their business. (Or how to even fund this next step!) So, they keep feeding themselves the lie. They tell themselves that if they continue to do EVERYTHING themselves, nothing can or ever will go wrong. When in fact…

By doing EVERYTHING yourself, almost EVERYTHING will go wrong! You’ll feel:
  • Stuck
  • Burnt out
  • Frustrated
  • Unproductive
And by wearing every hat in your business…

You’ll end up with nothing at all. That’s why The Business Builders Institute teaches you how to delegate, systemize, grow willing, work-hungry teams, and skyrocket your impact, influence, and income.
Start Creating Generational Wealth Today!

Are You Stuck When It Comes To…

  • Delegating and “letting go”?
  • Finding, managing, or hiring effective teams?
  • Structuring your business for long-term success?
  • Growing personal or business credit to fund growth?
  • Implementing proven, automated systems and processes?
  • ​Selling your business for a 7+figure profit?

The Business Builders Institute Is Just The Place For You!

Our Mission

Members of the Business Builders Institute (BBI) come together as an Investment Club to share knowledge, network, and invest primarily through business acquisitions along with other wealth creation strategies.

Our Vision

To become an Accredited Institution of learning which can serve as alternative higher education while connecting like minded investors and entrepreneurs to be the most successful in business and wealth creation.
The Business Builders Institute is the premier educational platform for entrepreneurs of all levels! This program is based on the Business Builders Methodology:
  • WHICH business models to focus on
  • HOW to fund your business
  • WHY process, systems, and people will help you to scale and reclaim your TIME FREEDOM!
Once you understand these core concepts, our advanced strategies are centered around "How to Flip Businesses"! We have taken Mergers & Acquisitions strategies and simplified them to bring the ability to buy, fix and sell businesses to the masses. Why build a business from scratch when you can acquire them already profitable? Even better, in many cases, with $0 out of pocket!

Here’s What The BBI Can Do For You!

  • Identify what’s missing inside your business
  • Gain back your time, freedom, and energy
  • Build & implement proven systems and processes
  • Expand your network and explore new opportunities
  • ​Identify successful business models that will work for you
  • Tailor your entrepreneurial journey based on your end goals
We do this by providing you with the tools, training, resources, and formulas that ALL successful entrepreneurs are leveraging.

The Business Builders Institute Testimonials

Inside, You Will Find:

The Round Table (Seminars)

LIVE Weekly Calls with a support system of like-minded entrepreneurs all looking to take their life to another level. The RoundTable is where we test out new tactics and strategies live. Hosted by BusinessBuilderBeez and including speakers from his powerful network of multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, the RoundTable is the most sought-after part of the Institute! (Over 80+ hours of valuable recorded content from the previous Round Table Sessions.)

The Institute

The Business Builders Institute is the premier educational platform for entrepreneurs of all levels! Our programs are based on the Business Builders Methodology which is derived from Lean Six Sigma and other improvement methodologies. Learn WHICH business models to focus on; HOW to fund your business; and WHY process, systems, and people will help you to scale and reclaim your TIME FREEDOM!

The Institute consists of:
1. Business Builders Curriculum (Scaling Businesses)
2. Empire Builders Curriculum (Buying Businesses)
3. Weekly Round Table Sessions
The Business Builders Curriculum (Scaling Businesses)
This is the foundation and repository of knowledge that continues to grow and improve. Considered as the main bucket in the Institute which focuses on the central tenets of the Business Building Methodology:
1. Intro and Mindset - Networking; Conquering Fear; and more!
2. Business Models & Strategies - Vetted and best for scaling quickly. Speakers from BBRT and other mini-courses are here; The overlooked "middleman" businesses; Providing to B2B instead of consumers, etc.
3. Business Structure Strategies - Creating a consortium; Multi-Member LLCs, etc.
4. Process - Value Stream Mapping; DIKW model; MoSCoW; Identifying Waste; Policies, Roles & Controls, and more!
5. Systems - Automated workflows and communication (Slack and Workflows, GoHighLevel, Zapier)
6. People - Hiring remote workers to start as well as the roles needed to structure your business to sell. And creating a good corporate culture
7. Credit - The basis of funding your businesses (personal and business credit); Fintech; Credit Unions; Manufactured Spend; Shared Secured Loans; and more!
8. Creating Generational Wealth - Trusts; Infinite Banking; Changing your perspective on Financial Literacy; and more!

The Empire Builders Curriculum (Buying Businesses)
This advanced curriculum gives you all that you need to know about Mergers and Acquisitions. Discussions about the steps involved in merging or acquiring a company, from start to finish with topics from planning, research, due diligence, closing and implementation activities. Regular updates will surely give you more value than you've ever expected in this program.
1. Biz Acquisition Mindset - Setting your mind to acquiring businesses and unveiling the secrets to them.
2. Biz Flippers 5-day Challenge - A helpful detailed step-by-step plan for acquiring businesses with $0 out of pocket.
3. Finding Deals On & Off-Market – Finding deals and learning how to deal with business brokers.
4. Negotiating Deals - Effective approach towards sellers and the strategies to fund your deals.
5. Choosing acquisition – Identifying your target deals and how to spot a bad one.
6. Deal Funding and Stacking - Real-time acquisitions learnings, and how you can stack deal funding.
7. Doing Due Diligence - Dealing with the legal part of the acquisition, adopting new strategies, and how you can have a good legal team.
8. How To Flip Businesses - Become a master of flipping businesses, build an empire and do a lot more!
*The fee shown on this page includes ALL future content updates.

“Done-for-you" Business Funding

Want ALL of the heavy lifting done for you? You’ll have the option of launching a business funding company where all you do is the marketing.

All backend operations will be completed for you so that you can put your feet up and collect passive income!

The eBooks

Done-for-you eBooks to instantly increase your credibility, authority, and authenticity. ALL entrepreneurs must have as many streams of passive income as possible - and you can add this to yours right away!

You will receive:
  • Credit-Based eBooks
  • Business Based eBooks

The Support Group

Access to a supportive, like-minded community who are there for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Our private Facebook community is the perfect place to network, make friends and create budding new business relationships!

PLUS, If You Join The Business Builders Institute Today, You’ll Also Get:

BONUS - Priority And VIP Access To All Of The Services From The Companies Owned By Beez Such as:


Low-cost Virtual Assistants (VAs) to get the help you need to scale your business properly

Capital Beez

"Done for you" Business Funding programs to launch and expand your business


Full-service Social Media Management to build
your brand and bring in more business

But That’s Not All… You’ll Also Get:

Exclusive Invites To Bi-Annual Meet-Ups & Annual Conference

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Start Creating Generational Wealth Today!

What Have You Got To Lose?

If you really stop and think about it… You’ve tried it your way. You’ve tried random methods online. You’ve tried binge-watching YouTube videos from “gurus” who just got lucky. You’ve tried doing it ALL yourself. And what have you ended up with?
  • Less time
  • Less energy
  • Less income
The Business Builders Institute is already a total no-brainer! I’m offering to give YOU what no one else will: The tools and resources you need to gain more.
  • More time to do the things you enjoy
  • More money to spend on your family
  • More freedom to live your life how you want to live it
Yes, it comes with a price. But if you are SERIOUS about making this business, and your next business, and the business after that a HUGE success…

You’ll make your enrollment fee back in a heartbeat. The BBI isn’t based on predictions or best guesses. It’s based on industry-leading best practice methodologies such as:
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • ITIL
  • PMP
  • Lean IT
  • ​And more!
AND you will gain access to continuous improvements, updates, and content upgrades throughout your time in BBI. So, if you’re ready to gain access to ALL of the knowledge, tools, and skills you need to run, build, scale, and sell MULTIPLE businesses…

catch our year end promo and Enroll Into The Business Builders Institute For Just $4,997!

Valued at $36,500

Start Creating Generational Wealth Today!
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